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About Us

John T. Mamoudis

President, CEO
at your feet Creator

AYF Designs, LLC is the latest company founded by John T. Mamoudis of Virginia Beach, Virginia. With the mission statement “Providing Simple Solutions for Complex Problems” and John’s creation of the at your feet training aid, AYF Designs specializes in the design and manufacture of simple to use training aids, especially for golf.

As President and CEO of JTM Development Corporation (JTM), which John started in 1981, he has leveraged his forward-thinking designs, use of quality materials and suppliers, attention to detail and unparalleled dedication to his clients to earn the reputation as a premier builder of elegant custom homes, town homes, condominium communities, apartments and commercial space in the Tidewater area of Virginia. John possesses an entrepreneurial spirit, with an “out-of-the-box” philosophy that continually shapes the company and provides for cutting edge business strategies. Several of John’s unique real estate accomplishments have been featured in local and national newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal. Most recently, JTM has been rated by Inside Business, a Virginia business magazine, as the 9th largest residential company for its region in Virginia.

John is also the President of HorsePower Sports Marketing, the governing body over the HorsePower Tee Shot Tour. The 2008 HorsePower Tee Shot Tour, which was announced in Indianapolis in late July 2007, will pair eight Power Golf professionals with eight stock car personalities to compete in a six-event series. SPEED TV will air all six of the 2008 HorsePower Tee Shot Tour events which will take place at golf courses in close proximity to race tracks during Sprint Cup race weeks between May and October.

As for John’s love of and participation in golf, he has actively competed in the Re-Max World Long Drive Championship, qualifying for the finals in 2004 and 2005 in Mesquite, Nevada. John also was in the finals of the ALPHA Classic Long Drive Tournament in Des Moines, IA in 2005, competing against sixty of the longest hitters in the world and finishing fourth behind former world champions Bobby Wilson, Mike Gorton, and Frank Miller. While maintaining his amateur status by donating his winnings to charity, John has been a participant in the Outback PROAM Champion’s Tour event in Tampa, FL. John made the finals in both 2006 and 2007, and at this year’s event, John was teamed with Tom Wargo and Mark O’Meara during Sunday’s final round. This was O’Meara’s inaugural Champion’s Tour event.

James S. Lucas II

Vice President, Product Development

Prior to joining AYF Designs, James S. Lucas II held positions in various fields during his twenty-two year career, including corporate fitness management, facility design, ergonomics, personal training, and NCAA Division 1 strength and conditioning. He recently completed the Professional Financial Planning program at Old Dominion University, is certified as a Professional Financial Planner (PFP), and works as an independent business insurance broker. Throughout his career, Jim has applied his proficiency in computer technology, including but not limited to, database design, Web-based programming, and AutoCAD, to maximize business goals and objectives. Jim graduated with a B.S in Sports Medicine, as well as completed his graduate course work in Health & Physical Education (ABT), at Radford University.

Lisa K. Lucas

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

In addition to being a partner in AYF Designs, Lisa K. Lucas is the Chief Operating Officer of JTM Development Corporation, which she joined in 2003. Prior to that, Lisa spent nearly twenty years with two Fortune 500 companies where she held management positions in such fields as commercial real estate finance, automotive manufacturing, and quality control (supplier quality, government regulation compliance, torque management, ISO compliance, pre-delivery inspection process management and warranty). She graduated from Duquesne University with a B.A. in Economics and earned her M.B.A. in Finance and Strategic Planning from The University of Pittsburgh.