At Your Feet
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is at your feet right for you? Only if you play golf.

No matter how long you’ve been playing or your level of skill, at your feet is the training aid that can take strokes off and add enjoyment to your golf game. This simple device helps you remember swing thoughts from your teacher, videos and magazine articles, right at your point of practice. And all just a foot away – your foot.

Recall the tips from your teacher, days or weeks after your lesson. Remind yourself the specifics of your swing mechanics, moments before you drive a range ball. The repetition of proper techniques develops muscle memory – this is what creates consistency, and that’s what improves your score.

at your feet is not a teaching replacement – it works with your teacher’s methods, reinforces proper techniques and complements every swing trainer on the market.

at your feet is the perfect training aid regardless of your age or experience level. Golf pros could even provide them for their students, and it makes a great gift idea for the golfer in your family. The only thing required is the desire to improve your game and enjoyment.