At Your Feet
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at your feet improves every other training aid. And your memory.

Have you ever forgotten your teacher’s individualized tips before your next practice session? You never will again with at your feet. But your mind’s memory isn’t all this deceptively simple product improves. By repeating the proper swing motions, this device also helps create muscle memory and that’s what can knock 5 to 10 strokes off your game. In short, at your feet tackles a fundamental problem by offering a brilliant and effective solution.

By helping you to remember 3 to 5 recent tips from your instructor, at your feet allows you to devote sufficient practice time to proper mechanics. The repetition of this correct swing motion builds muscle memory that helps you get the most out of your lessons and improve your game.

Fact is, instructors say the number one challenge their students face is not having sufficient practice time with the proper techniques to develop muscle memory. With at your feet, you practice what you need to practice, at your pace, any time, for as long as you like. This is a revolutionary and indispensable aid that jogs your memory and knocks strokes off your score.